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While this site is based on the format of the ©FOTW Flags Of The World web site, it is not a part of that organization. ©FOTW is not responsible for the contents of this site. Any inaccuracies presented here are my own and must not be attributed to ©FOTW. As a member of ©FOTW, I have contributed to that site and some of the information presented in these pages is duplicated there. For further information about flags in general, I refer you to the FOTW homepage.

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Controversial subjects

There are many controversial subjects related to flags. For instance, the website may contain flags and information about independentist, anti-governmental, or even racist movements: this fact does not imply I support them.

Any opinion expressed by a contributor about a controversial subject is to be considered his/her own personal opinion, not the opinion of the website manager. The fact that my images are used in another website or any other media should not be considered as an endorsement of mine for any opinion expressed nor of the images posted here.


The quality of images and information varies very much: the website may contain not only well-known flags but also sketches and rumours, possibly taken from a TV report or a magazine. In any case I disclaim any responsibility about the veracity and accuracy of the contents of the website.

The hosting organization

The organization that is hosting the website is not responsible in any way for the contents of the website.


Most text and images contained in the website are made by Michael P. Smuda unless otherwise credited. If a contributor says what is the origin of the information I will report it, otherwise I assume it is new material and the copyright is owned by the contributor. My editorial policy is to include images only when I can ascertain that I have permission to use them. However, it is often the case that an image is provided to me with little back-up information associated with it. In such cases I will try to assess if the image is owned by someone before posting it. If you encounter an image which you think may be from your site and used on FOCa without permission, please contact me. My intent is to provide as complete a collection of the California's flags as possible, and I would be most grateful to be able to use your image. If I know where it comes from, I will credit it.
Some pictures are derived from cliparts of graphical programs. Cliparts normally can be incorporated into drawings without any copyright problems. Therefore I add them to the website without declaring anything about their origin.
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